Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loesch and Hoft Accuse Jindal of Covering Up Attack On His Aide

Last year, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's aide Allee Bautch was severely beaten along with her boyfriend in New Orleans. Gateway Pundit ranted that the evil media was "burying" the story to protect mean old leftists. Dana Loesch shrieked about how this validates her hatred of feminists. But did either of them even bother to read the conspiracy theory drivel that serves at the fuel for their rants?

If they did, then they are ridiculously accusing Republican Bobby Jindal of covering up an attack on his own chief fundraiser by "evil leftists" for no reason whatsoever! Check out the text of the report from an "unnamed source in the New Orleans police" cited by a no-name blogger that Jim Hoft used as the basis of his claims:
I had a source in the NOPD who would not go on the record tell me that they’re pretty sure the deed was done by out-of-town “talent.” Apparently, that’s the MO of these anarchist thugs – they bring people in from out of town, and that way nobody can ID the perp. They show somebody like Allee pictures of the local thugs, and she can’t place any of them at the scene of the attack. And since it’s just an assault & battery and not a murder, it’s unlikely they’re going to run out every ground ball.

This happens every time there’s an event. G-20, Republican meetings, whatever – they bring rioters in from elsewhere, and they get off scot-free. Basically, we’re talking about brownshirts.

And of course, since Jindal wanted the thing buried and nobody in New Orleans felt any differently, it just melted away.
Wow, so Loesch and Hoft are willing to throw out this drivel without offering any explanation of why the Republican Governor of Louisiana would want to cover up a Democratic assault on one of his employees? Don't you owe at least some explanation for a claim that absurd? Keep in mind that Bautch's boyfriend has stated that there was no evidence to suggest the attack was politically motivated, and the only evidence Hoft has ever provided was that one of the attackers might have had a "dirty pony tail."

The good news is that Loesch and Hoft continue to invalidate themselves right as the Elston McCowan trial is about to begin, another case where their conspiracy theories got way ahead of the facts. Hopefully the media will be smart enough to take their claims with a grain of salt.

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