Monday, January 9, 2012

John Brunner's Favorite Candidate Pat Buchanan Ousted From MSNBC Over Racist Book

MSNBC, after years of pleading, has finally gotten rid of Pat Buchanan because of racially-charged language in Buchanan's latest book. Buchanan, as pointed out by Think Progress, has a long history of bigotry, and included chapters in his book titled, "The Death of White America," and "The Death of Christian America."

But the local angle is that despite Buchanan's long history, Republican Missouri Senate candidate John Brunner has been a huge supporter of Buchanan. Brunner was Buchanan's state campaign chair when Buchanana ran for president, and donated thousands of dollars to his campaign, even when Buchanan jumped from the Republican Party to the Reform Party. Check out Progress Missouri for all the gory details.


  1. John Brunner is a joke...somebody should check all the employee lawsuits against this company. He can't even build a good team at Vijon, how can you support all of Missouri?

  2. I had lunch with John Brunner today in Rolla, MO.
    He was very friendly and sounded intelligent.
    I like him. George