Sunday, January 15, 2012

RT News Slams CNN Over Loesch Fiasco

"If you think that paying people like Dana Loesch and giving her airtime to spread her vile commentary give you some shred of credibility, I don't know what else to do but laugh. Or maybe cry. I don't know. Over all, I kinda just feel sorry for you. The only thing that would give the mainstream media any credibility in this day and age would be returning to covering actual news. For example: the war in Afghanistan."


(BTW, it's a small thing, but I do have to criticize RT News for the fact that their original coverage of this story did not credit me with first reporting on it. Huffington Post also covered the story as if they had discovered the footage themselves)

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  1. I used to tweet CNN daily about Loesch-then I realized they wanted her there as evidence of just how wack she (and her cronies) are. It's sad for the normal TPS who get a bad rap