Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CNN's Dana Loesch Pushes Old, Debunked National Enquirer Rumors of Obama Affair

After news broke that ABC would be airing an interview with Newt Gingrich's ex-wife, disgraced CNN "political analyst" Dana Loesch decided this would be the perfect time to start pushing completely empty "Obama affair" rumors that originated in the National Enquirer. Here's what Loesch was tweeting:

The link from Loesch's "lets talk this" tweet goes to a conspiracy mongering nonsensical post that claims that "Hilary Clinton knew about" an "Obama affair" during the 2008 campaign but decided not to say anything because she needed a favor from him. The evidence for this claim? Absolutely none: just the author stating, "According to online reports..." with no link.

And the premise that there's an affair is based entirely on a National Enquirer article that didn't even claim there was an affair. Yes, I know, the Enquirer actually got one right with the John Edwards story, but in this case, the Enquirer uses a second-hand account that, even if all the details are true, doesn't show anything. The only claim is that Obama was at a hotel at roughly the same time as Vera Baker, a major funraiser and confidant. The rumors, which actually trace back to 2004, were pretty thoroughly debunked by Media Matters as nothing more than unsubstantiated rumor after the Enquirer story broke:
So, to sum up: the story is rehashed rumors about events that supposedly took place in 2004 but which no one has substantiated with anything remotely resembling credible evidence. They have been flatly denied by the woman supposedly involved. And the only thing new here are the rumors about a video that no one is claiming (even anonymously) to have seen.
Yet here Loesch is pushing the story on Twitter, and on Big Journalism, where she wrote:
Does this mean we’ll also start hearing about Vera Baker from broadcast media?

CNN, the "Cable News Network," continues to be an embarrasment to the word "news."


  1. be careful.. looks like Dana's followers are getting ready to do someone harm..

    TN_Loadmaster Bill (Doc) Dockery
    @DLoesch - do we need to fine this guy and chance him from a rooster to a hen? can be done.
    1 hour ago

    looks like they are getting un-hinged and dangerous

    1. Paranoid much, Dana? That's it, get your rabid fan base to do the dirty work then you can play dumb. You might want to start with your tweets. I just love the tweets calling Adam a stalker. All of Adam's tweets, posts here, and on facebook about you have something to do with an actual statement you have made, on an actual issue, which is what critics of public figures do. If that's stalking then movie critics, political pundits, and food crtics would all have restraining orders from their subjects. Your "ponytailstalkerdiaries" tweets,have nothing to do with actual issues, just attacks on Adam and make it obvious you reads this blog obsessively. Who's stalking who, Dana?

  2. "disgraced"? That is pretty strong. I think your animus toward Dana is getting the better of you.

  3. Heh. The Tennessee "Loadmaster" must not have spent much time around roosters. They can be awfully mean. I should know. I have an ankle still healing from an encounter 2 weeks ago.

    You are certainly getting under Dana's skin, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work.