Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reminder: CNN's Dana Loesch "Loves the Smell of a Fire When It's Burning Tyranny"

Now that a lot more people recognize CNN "political analyst" Dana Loesch's charming voice, I thought it might be helpful to remind people of some other amazing comments she made. At at the tea party rally outside of Russ Carnahan's office, the day before health care reform was finally passed, the tea partiers "booted and torched" a photo of Congressman Russ Carnahan. As the photo was burning, Loesch said "this is what happens when you don't respect the will of your constituents." And later, "Mmmm, I love the way a fire smells when it's burning tyranny! Get me some marshmallows!"


The full video, which shows the tea partiers throwing boots at the photo, was originally posted at Sharp Elbows' tea party blog. This was the day before the St. Louis tea party (without Loesch) carried a coffin to Carnahan's home.

Update: Loesch says she was there to "take a photo for her station." Uhhhhh, so? How does that change the fact that she's on video cheering an effigy burning of a U.S. Congressman?

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