Friday, January 13, 2012

John Freakin Loudon Was "Not Far Right Enough" for Brunner

John Loudon, the original tea partying, right-to-work-for-less pushing, friend of the National Organization for Marriage who said that gay people should just quit complaining and move to a state that allows gay marriage, had a post last week saying that he was "not far right" enough for Missouri GOP Senate candidate John Brunner. Well, technically, Loudon said he wasn't far right enough to accept Brunner's father's offer to go as a delegate for Pat Buchanan to the RNC in San Diego, but since the younger Brunner was Buchanan's state chairman in Missouri, ipso facto the same reasoning should apply. If you're too far right for John Loudon, well then you're just too darn far right.

Here's what Loudon had to say:
For those conservatives wondering about John Brunner, I can tell you this. His father picked me to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1996. I turned down the trip to San Diego and the chance of a lifetime because I was not as far right as Jack Brunner who was requesting that I serve as a delegate for Pat Buchanon. .

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