Sunday, January 1, 2012

Newt in Iowa (Video)

I managed to see Newt Gingrich at a campaign event in Iowa. As you can see, Newt and Callista walked up, shook my hand, and wished me a happy new year. I didn't have any gotcha questions (looks like Newt is on his way down in the polls anyways), but just wanted to film it to give people an idea of what Iowa is like prior to the caucuses. Basically, candidates are coming through town at stops like this constantly for months.

You can see David Gregory briefly in the video; I also saw Brett Baier from Fox and Chuck Todd from MSNBC in the crowd. It's very possible that there were more people from the media present than Gingrich supporters. It also seemed to me like there were a lot of Republicans there who weren't from Iowa: I overheard a few people say they were from Texas, and others from Louisiana. Reporters seemed to be having a hard time finding undecided Iowa voters.

One funny thing I overheard: a guy went up to two CSPAN employees handing out promotional material and said, "Oh, you're with that liberal network." It reminded by of Colbert's quote: "Reality has a well known liberal bias."

Here's the video of Gingrich walking through the crowd (hopefully no one disowns me for passing up this golden gotcha question opportunity):


  1. Wow, you answered the age-old question "What's the sound of 8-hands clapping like?" at the 1:15 mark.

  2. My Council Bluffs, IA sister will caucus for her hero Gingrich tonight. She saw him last Friday and kissed his hand, a gesture sure to give her some kind of contagious virus being passed by all those hand shakes.

    Adam, I'm not disappointed that you didn't ask him a question because we've heard all his answers. I AM disappointed that you didn't reach out and accidentally get your camera caught in Callista's perfect perfect helmet hair!