Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Journalism Trying to Muddy the Waters With Anonymous Attacks

Big Journalism, the website "edited" by Dana Loesch, is in full-blown crisis mode after Loesch has been criticized by people across the political spectrum for her disgraceful comments about desecrating corpses. But what's especially interesting about their panic mode is that they've been using the anonymous name "P.J. Salvatore" for their attacks. Apparently, they're afraid of anyone knowing who actually wrote the pieces. Here's the description of the anonymous "P.J." moniker on the site:

Big Journalism had no less than four anonymous articles on their site today about the urinating incident, trying to excuse Dana Loesch for her comment that she would "drop trou" and pee on corpses too. Here are a few of the headlines:

The most recent article by "P.J." was pretty clearly written by Mary Chastain. How do I know this? Because she writes in a teenager style, with bizarre expressions of "Seriously!" in the middle of the post. She's also obsessed with "Fast and Furious," and just happens to use that as her example when she incorrectly claimed that 4 articles = 90 articles (she claimed that Media Matters had written the "same amount" about the recent scandal as Fast and Furious).

In the past, there have been pretty obvious examples of articles written by "P.J." that were Loesch referring to herself in the third person. All of which raises the question, if the writers at Dana Loesch's site are so sure of their writings, why are they afraid to put their names on it? Why, it's almost as if they want to make sure they have plausible deniability.

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  1. Funny when she's always saying "no one is anonymous online." So she has hired minions to the dirty work for her. She never ceases to amuse me.