Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNN's Dana Loesch Says She Hates The Media And Is Trying To Change It From Within

Ever wonder what a frequently frothing-at-the-mouth serial liar (aka "a Briebart editor") thinks about getting airtime from the mainstream media? Well, you're about to find out, because Dana Loesch explained on air that she "hates" the media and is trying to "change it from within" via "liberty evangelism."

Loesch, possibly bitter from being excluded from CNN's South Carolina debate, but nevertheless given the incredible honor of appearing on Blog Talk Radio with her fellow Breitbart editors to analyze the debate, was responding to a question about whether John King should have started the debate by asking Gingrich about allegations from his ex-wife. Here's what she had to say:

Loesch went on to say that Gingrich shared some of the blame for having an affair.

So basically, Loesch gets free publicity from CNN, gets paid by them, and in return tells right-wingers how much she hates them.


  1. only goes to rpove she's in it for the money.. as soon as faux news hires her, she will flush brietbart, kftk, cnn down the toilet

  2. I listened to her a little today on an antiunion rant. Her smarm is outdone by her
    Republican butt kissing. She is just another part of the right's propoganda machine. She
    thinks she is relevant, but she is just the lastest "it" girl of greed.