Monday, January 16, 2012

Irony Alert! Loesch Subtracts "Cool Points" From Conservative Think Tank That Disinvited Her

Dana Loesch said she wanted to give "a million cool points" to the marines who urinated on dead bodies in Afghanistan and said she would "drop trou" and do it herself. Because of these offensive comments, the conservative think tank Illinois Policy Institute disinvited her from a luncheon she had promoted for weeks.

And so, in response, Loesch decided to "subtract cool points" from the Institute for "siding" with the "fascistic ways" of George Soros." Listen

Some serious people we're dealing with here.

To hear more of Loesch's thoughts on the Illinois Policy Institute, you can listen here:

h/t again to @nicolegennette

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  1. What is she, 10 years old? "Oh noes! Dana doesn't want us on her kickball team! :(" Well, we can add GAJILLION cool points for the think tank for having the class to disassociate themselves from her childish rhetoric. They want wimmens that THINK, Dana. That's why it's called a THINK tank. Nananabooboo.