Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I Require An Invite

For basically the past two years, Dana Loesch has been afraid to respond to me as I've challenged her claims on a number of issues, most notably her attempts to destroy individuals' lives like the St. Charles high school teacher who showed a Michael Moore film in a rhetoric class, or the SEIU members at Carnahan's townhall, or the UMSL and UMKC professors teaching a labor studies class. After I debunked her ridiculous initial claims, she started claiming that she "didn't have time to respond to every criticism," and has been afraid to even mention me ever since. Of course, it's perfectly fine for her to mention or respond to whomever she wants, but I find it particularly hilarious when her followers accuse me of being afraid of her because I haven't called in to her radio show.

Though I personally have heard heard Loesch turn down the volume and hang up on callers who are winning arguments against her and realize that debating anything on her radio show would give her a huge advantage of being able to control the content, I would be willing to call in and discuss the issues if she invited me to do so. However, she is afraid to invite me, and her blind followers always claims that I'm "cowardly" or "narcissistic" because I won't call in without an invitation. So this is my explanation why.

First, given that she's afraid to even use my name or Twitter handle, I have no reason to believe she would actually take my call. This is especially true since she won't personally say that I'm invited. But more to the point, I believe in accountability. I have said that I'll call in if she invites me (of course, assuming that it works with my schedule, etc.), so I am therefore accountable. If she invited me, and I never called, that would mean that I was lying. On the other hand, she refuses to personally invite me. So if I called in, got put on hold for two hours, and then was told "too bad," she wouldn't have any accountability anyway. On the other hand, if she invited me but then refused to take my call, I could point out that she was going back against her word (yes yes, her "word" don't laugh).

Furthermore, I made the mistake one time of trusting an angry Republican with my phone number when they promised they would give it to a specific person. For the next two days, I got dozens of angry, threatening phone calls including people who promised to "beat the sh*t" out of me. So I'm not going to let them ID phone number lightly especially when there's absolutely no guarantee that (a) they'd even allow me to speak or (b) they wouldn't send it out to hoards of knuckle-dragging extremists.

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  1. Rather than call in, she should have you as a guest. She won't.