Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loesch Not Aware that Opinions Are Expressed on Editorial Pages

You just can't get anything past that Dana Loesch. The "media critic" who purportedly runs the site Big Journalism yesterday brilliantly unveiled a New York Times employee expressing his personal opinion!! Here's the tweet in question:

Loesch described this as "Bias in the media" and titled her piece "The Totally Objective New York Times Weighs In On GOP Response." The only problem with her astute observation is that Andrew Rosenthal is not a reporter, but the Editorial Page Editor at the New York Times. You know, the place in the newspaper where opinions are expressed.

I hope nobody tells Loesch that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch also has an editorial page or we'll be in for months worth of brilliant media criticism.

h/t to Eric Boehlert and Simon Maloy.

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