Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dana Loesch Further Embarrasses Herself

I just got done pointing out that Dana Loesch uses the term "right wing" in exactly the same way she was criticizing during her post comparing liberals to Nazis, which happens to be the way pretty much everyone uses the term. She responded by claiming that her bio was written by "the marketing department," implying, I guess, that she's not responsible for the terminology:

Oh, that darn marketing department! But I wonder where they got the expression "member of the vast right wing conspiracy?" Seems like the kinda thing you wouldn't just pull out of thin air. Could it be that the marketing department used the term to describe Loesch because she uses it regularly on her blog:

Or maybe it's because she regularly tweets the expression.

Either way, it's quite clear that her attempt to pretend that she doesn't use the term is an act of desperation.


  1. The hammer has fallen. Dana, this isn't #winning.

  2. And Palin's movie tanked again this weekend, and Murdoch is in if the GOP would get their heads out of their nether reaches and extend the debt ceiling without doing any more damage to the economy....

  3. Oh for Christ's Sake.

    Click here to see for yourself that Dana uses "The Right" and "The Left" regularly to refer to conservatives and liberals, respectively.

    You know, there's lying, and there's pathological lying, and a prime indicator of the latter is the simple lack of ordinary care in constructing falsehoods. They just don't care.

  4. to add even more irony to that statement is that Dana herself campaigned for Bill Clinton.

  5. Dana is nothing but a confrontational bully. All she does is scream and yell. She even scares my "normal" republican friends.

  6. *Update: Keith Olbermann-n-crue tried to rebut the facts laid out above by pointing out that my radio bio says “member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Unfortunately for Keith, I didn’t write that, my radio station did, and unless he’s more illiterate than I thought, it reads as a joke, borrowing from Hillary Clinton’s favorite phrase in the 90s."

    see, here is the proof.! Dana is not right wing, so quit accusing her you bunch of right wing nutjobs.

    **update... the radio station has also written all the references to the term right or left on Chris's link above.

  7. Anonymous writes: the radio station has also written all the references to the term right or left on Chris's link above

    This I gotta see. Can you provide a link, Anonymous?