Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Commissioner: We Need To Balance the Interests of People With "Corporate Citizens" By Given Corporations Everything They Want

The Commissioner who is in charge of deciding whether Ameren should be allowed to build a toxic coal ash landfill in the middle of the Missouri River floodplain is hinting that he's going to decide against the wishes of area residents:
“If we’re not going to approve this, then I think we have to give them some direction, or at least something other than we don’t want it.” Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer tells KMOX it’s his opinion there has to be some partnership and balance between residents and corporate citizens. “That plant has been there for 40 years and it’s been producing fly ash. There’s two big fly ash ponds there now. A lot of these, most of the people who are complaining moved into the area after the power plant was there.”
In other words, the way to find a balance between residents and "corporate citizens" is to give "corporate citizens" whatever they want. Or, to put it more charitably, if those pesky residents oppose having toxic sludge in their backyard, it's up to them to come up with a perfect proposal that explains where the toxic sludge should go instead. After all, it was their decision and not Ameren's to produce the toxic sludge in the first place. Oh wait, no it wasn't.

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