Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blast From The Past: Akin Joked About Democrats Being Lynched

Joan Walsh of Salon reminded me on Twitter today of a nasty incident from Todd Akin's past, which seems very much in line with his recent hateful comments about liberals. Via Fired Up, here's Rachel Maddow's coverage of Todd Akin joking about Democratic politicians being lynched (comments about Akin start at the 4:33 mark):

Joking about lynching Democratic politicians. Saying that the "core of liberalism" is a "hatred for God." Saying that "seculars" want to "snuff out the light of freedom." America is a country that should and occasionally does celebrate informed, reasonable discussions between people with different ideologies. A hateful extremist like Akin who demonizes his political opponents should not be allowed anywhere near the U.S. Congress, let alone the Senate.

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