Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party Blog: Ann Wagner is "Insider" Who Hangs Out In D.C. Swamps

Now that Dana Loesch has officially tugged Bill Hennessy's leash to prevent him from criticizing Ann Wagner on behalf of Ed Martin, that job has apparently been outsourced to other tea party members.

Some quotes from 24th State:
Ann Wagner had an event yesterday and one today in the feted[sic] swamp of Washington, D.C.
Say what you will, those are not the trappings of an outsider candidate. Not that Ms. Wagner has presenter her as such. I just prefer outsider candidates.
Pretty mild mannered criticism, but it's interesting that Ed Martin's folks seem to be doing most of the attacking lately.

By the way, I think he probably meant "fetid" swamp.

Update: Forgot to mention that this line of attack just happens to correspond perfectly to one Ed Martin was pushing in his tweets:

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