Monday, July 25, 2011

Loesch Publicly Humiliates Steelman Campaign

Dana Loesch attacked the Sarah Steelman campaign over Twitter and Facebook today because they misspelled "athletes:"

Steelman staffer Lucas Case responded by saying he's never seen so much hate "toward fellow conservatives:"

Loesch responded with her typical childish antics:

But as Case pointed out, why didn't Loesch just send an email rather than making a big scene about it?

Naturally, Loesch described this suggestion as "trying to crush dissent even from the right:"

Wait, did she just say "Right?" Oh dear...


  1. One thing that I've learned: If anyone says things like "just saying," it really means they don't have the courage of their convictions to back up anything that they're saying in the first place. Something to think about there.

  2. I can't say for sure, but I imagine Dana's eyes must be brown.

  3. LOFL. I can't even stand it.

  4. "...I'm warning you..."
    Or else, what? Extreme narcissistic bully.

  5. This cruelty of hers is so nasty. She's not setting a good example for her kids.

  6. Dana Loesch writes: Regardless, your actions reflect badly on her campaign to crush dissent even from the right

    I've been going over this sentence repeatedly in an effort to discern whether Dana feels that the actions are shameful, or whether the campaign to crush dissent is admirable. Could go either way, semantically speaking.

    Minutes earlier, she sneers at a typographical error; yesterday she shows off an ignorance of the language by using the word pair "no where" instead of the single word "nowhere."


    Adam, I gotta hand it to ya, pal-- this is the best party clown you've ever hired!

  7. I've never employed [sic] to indicate that the poor grammar, usage, or spelling was found in the original as often as I do whenever I want to pass along one of Loesch's little bon mots. "Physician heal thyself," or, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" - lots of ways to say it, too bad Loesch doesn't take it to heart.

  8. And as a last add, I've resisted this as long as I could, but, well, let's face it: there's no gag so cheap that I won't go after it.

    Dana Loesch writes: If you're going to write [blah blah], spell "athletes" right.

    Don't you mean "correctly", Dana?