Friday, July 29, 2011

Missouri Record: Breitbart Blogger's Hit Piece On Ed Martin Leads To Criticism of Ann Wagner

I wrote about Dan Riehl's hit piece on Ed Martin posted on Big Goverment and the ensuing fallout last week. According to the Missouri Record, however, that's hardly the end of the story. The Record suggests that Riehl's post attempting to intervene in Missouri politics has actually backfired for Ann Wagner and inspired Ed Martin's "grassroots" supporters:
We suspect that Riehl posted his column on to address Tea Party folks in Missouri and rally them around Wagner—or at least split them from Martin. If that was the case, it appears to have accomplished the exact opposite. Prior to Riehl's piece, there was no criticism of Wagner. Now there is.
The Record also says this:
Now the left-leaning St. Louis Activist Hub has posted a column asserting that the job of criticizing Ann Wagner, "has apparently been outsourced to other tea party members." Any partisan blogger knows well to exacerbate division in the other side, and this is what Activist Hub is attempting to do; except that prior to Reihl's piece, there were no such divisions.
That's not exactly true. Bill Hennessy had previously declared that Ed Martin was the tea party candidate in the race, and promptly had to back down after criticism from Dana Loesch.

Still, it's interesting to see this play out.

Update: Looks like Patrick Tuohey deleted the post, so I changed the link to the Google cache version

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