Monday, May 23, 2011

Dana Loesch "Aggravated" With St. Louis Tea Party Founder Bill Hennessy

Yesterday, St. Louis Tea Party founder Bill Hennessy (who invited Loesch to help him organize the original rally) announced that Ed Martin was the "one tea partier" running for Congress in the new 2nd Congressional District:
Were there no Tea Partiers in the race, I’d probably back Ann. But there is one, and only one, Tea Partier in the Republican race for Missouri’s new 2nds District. He earned that title, not by paying some organization for its endorsement, but by helping to organize the first events—before Tea partying was cool.

We asked Tea Partiers “Why Do You Tea Party” in 2009. When I read their answers, I realize that there is only one of us running for the 2nd District, and that’s Ed Martin.

Oddly enough, Hennessy seems to think it speaks very highly of Ed Martin that he came to the rally without knowing whether Hennessy was racist:
By taking the stage that on February 27, Ed, Dana, Lembke, the Loudons, Jackie Smith, and everyone else took a chance. I could have been a racist or anarchist. I could have been a problem.

But they came anyway.
Anyway, Hennessy's early endorsement of Martin apparently doesn't sit well with Dana Loesch, who hosted a GOP establishment candidate, Ann Wagner, when Wagner announced her candidacy. Loesch is apparently "aggravated" with Hennessy:

Hmmm, getting kinda interesting. Apparently Ed Martin hasn't written his check to Shock City Studios yet this cycle.

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