Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breitbart Disgustingly Accuses Weiner of "Having Relationships With Young Girls"

CNN shamefully decided to have Andrew Breitbart on today to talk about his websites' role in the #Weinergate scandal, and naturally he manages to sink to a new, disgusting low. Breitbart describes Representative Weiner following people on Twitter as "having relationships" with "quite young girls." For anyone who isn't familiar, following someone on Twitter means absolutely nothing. It is about 1/500th as significant a relationship as being friends with someone on facebook. So for Breitbart to hint at some kind of sexual impropriety based on Twitter follows is unbelievably irresponsible. Shame on CNN.

Here are Breitbart's idiotic claims:


  1. This kind of bulls**t on both Breitbart's *and CNN's* part has gone beyond "shameful" and "idiotic" and any other description except lying, libellous, slanderous. and criminal.

    He should sue both parties for defamation of character.

    CNN knows what Breitbart is about, by putting him on they have complicity in this.

    Enough is enough. The media obviously needs a lesson from *the outside* in responsible journalism, since they seem to have completely abdicated all standards as they hide behind the First Amendment.

  2. See when u realize all politicians are scum you don't end up looking like a fool defending these dirt bags.