Friday, May 27, 2011

VIDEO: Nieves Afraid to Publicly Debate People He Called Sub-Human

In another "off air" moment captured by livestreaming, someone who works at State Senator Brian Nieves' radio program asks Nieves if he can invite on the people Nieves has spent the last week calling sub-human, less than a man, evil thugs. Like a true bully/coward, Nieves is completely against the idea, claiming that "he's run in to these people" many times and that they try to bait him into a situation where "there's no way to win the argument."


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  1. Aren't State Senators schedules open to the public? Senator Nieves is pretty open with his schedule and posts regularly when he is out of town, flying planes or hitting the road to make speeches... I don't understand any of this or why he's beating the dead horse. I also don't understand how his family could have been endangered. If a crazy person is going to "get" you, they can do it regardless of your schedule being posted in a local newspaper or not. Anyone can call the Senators office and get his schedule if they like. Just like the situation with the Bell kid last summer, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.
    I've always had mixed feelings towards Senator Nieves. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a Conservative and a Republican. There is just something "off"...