Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dana Quixote Gloriously Defeats Imaginary Soros Bloggers!

Dana Loesch was extremely proud of herself for valiantly defeating invisible "Soros bloggers" who live in her head and claimed that Adam Sharp entered the UMSL classroom where Don Giljim was teaching.

The only problem? Nobody actually said that.

However, we did say this:
  • Sharp went to the UMSL campus specifically to pester the instructor and students. In fact, the public announcements all stated that Giljim was not even going to be in class.
  • Sharp was trespassing on the UMSL campus in a building that's supposed to be restricted to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Sharp appeared to be trying to follow Giljim into the classroom.
  • Sharp filmed students in the classroom.
  • Sharp pestered students as they left the classroom.
  • Sharp's friend Ben Evans dared students to "take a swing" at him as they were waiting outside the police station to see what happened.
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    1. I listened to her entire show today and what i find interesting is that no mention was made of Ben Evans. I wonder why?

      Also, I guess because she works for Brietbart she cannot back down now, and has resorted to defending this story no matter how stupid she will end up looking. After all, unlike real journalists who would have been fired, everyone will forget this whole deal in a month because they will be onto some new outrage they managed to tape and splice.