Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Failed Attempt To Defend Breitbart's Smear Attacks on Sherrod

A blogger who calls herself "Liberty Chick" attempts to respond to my post schooling Breitbart-defender Lee Stranahan as follows:

This links to the following:

So she's falling back on the already debunked claim that Breitbart *did* include Sherrod's redemption by mentioning the following quote in his original post:
Eventually, her basic humanity informs her that this white man is poor and needs help. But she decides that he should get help from "one of his own kind." She refers him to a white lawyer.
Two problems. First, Glenn Beck actually did include that quote in the radio program, including in the clips played in Stanahan's post claiming that Beck was "lying." This makes it especially ironic that the Breitbart crowd is now claiming that Beck, not Breitbart, is the guy who originally edited the clips out-of-context, since the entire Breitbart defense is based on the claim that Breitbart said she sent the farmer to "one of his kind".

Second, that clip is *not* the part of the story that redeems Sherrod. It pretty clearly is designed to make Sherrod appear racist, as it claims that she referred the farmer to "one of his own kind." I suppose this is why Breitbart continues to call Sherrod "racist" in subsequent interviews. But the actual redemptive part of the story is as follows, and was left out of Breitbart's original video:
SHERROD: So, everything was going along fine -- I'm thinking he's being taken care of by the white lawyer, then they lift the injunction against USDA in May of '87 for two weeks and he was one of 13 farmers in Georgia who received a foreclosure notice. He called me. I said, well, go on and make an appointment at the lawyer. Let me know when it is and I'll meet you there.

So we met at the lawyer's office on the day they had given him. And this lawyer sat there -- he had been paying this lawyer, y'all. That's what got me. He had been paying the lawyer since November, and this was May. And the lawyer sat there and looked at him and said, "Well, y'all are getting old. Why don't you just let the farm go?" I could not believe he said that, so I said to the lawyer -- I told him, I can't believe you said that. I said: It's obvious to me that he cannot file a Chapter 12 bankruptcy to stop this foreclose, you have to file an 11. And the lawyer said to me, I'll do whatever you say -- whatever you think -- that's the way he put it. But he's paying him. He wasn't paying me any money. You know, so he said -- the lawyer said he would work on it.

And then, about seven days before that man would have been sold at the courthouse steps, the farmer called me and said the lawyer wasn't doing anything. And that's when I spent time there in my office calling everybody I could think so to try to see -- help me find the lawyer who would handle this.
I'm not surprised that Liberty Chick would try to jump into the conversation without even being up to speed on the discussion. A typical Breitbot.

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