Monday, May 23, 2011

More National Recognition of Gateway Pundit as "Daft" and "Unmoored from Reality"

Jim "Gatway Pundit" Hoft was recognized by Atlantic blogger Jeffery Goldberg, not exactly considered a bleeding heart liberal, for initiating a wave of hatemail from Hoft's unhinged followers:
The hate mail has come in a flood. Usually, my hate mail is from Nazis and Hamas sympathizers, decrying my bloodthirsty, neoconnish tendencies. Now the hate mail is coming from the right. Much of it is indicative of how the discussion about Barack Obama on the right has become unmoored from reality. I think this particular wave was launched in part by a post on a daft right-wing website called Gateway Pundit, which featured a post about me under the headline, "Far Left Israel Hater Jeffrey Goldberg Attacks Netanyahu For Defending Jewish Homeland." Me, a far-left Israel-hater! Would someone please alert Glenn Greenwald about this stunning new development?
For those who are curious, Hoft was enraged because Goldberg suggested that Obama might not be a secret Muslim extremist trying to destroy Israel.

h/t Eric Boehlert.

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