Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Remember when I wrote all of the reasons why the tea party conspiracy theories about "two union thugs assaulting a black man in parking lot" at Carnahan's town hall were probably false? Well, after two years, a jury of twelve peers finally has reached a conclusion confirming what I've been saying. Elston McCowan and Perry Molens have been found NOT GUILTY of misdemeanor assault.

The conspiracy pushed relentlessly for the past two years by Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft, Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, and the tea party has been shown at long last to be a complete fraud. Two innocent men have been harassed and threatened for two years as a result of a tea party smear campaign with only one objective: to make unions look evil.

Of course, even though they didn't actually watch the trial, they're already declaring that there was some grand conspiracy involved:

What pathetic people.

Update: Thanks for the links from Eric Boehlert at Media Matters, TBogg at Fire Dog Lake, and David Neiwert from Crooks and Liars. By the way, TBogg's tweet:
Beat Me In St. Louis http://t.co/ntJtvLC from @firedoglake Slightly used wheelchair and neck brace for sale. #tcot #burnbabyburn
If I'm missing something, let me know. And don't worry local media (with the notable exception of the RFT), I won't be holding my breath for you to acknowledge that I've been covering this story responsibly and got pretty much everything right from the beginning, while you were busy covering tea party protests at the NAACP and SEIU offices. That would be waaay too much to ask.


  1. Gladney was pushed... but it was FAR FROM a vicious beat down as Hoft would like people to believe, according to his hate site GP.

  2. One factual error in this story. Referring to Breitbart bloggers as people.

  3. I have to admit I was wondering if the hospital records on Gladney's injuries had been mentioned at trial. You know the injuries - the ones he told Laura Ingraham that were "bruises" on his shoulder and knees. Or, if his injuries were mentioned at trial, then that proves, once again, that Loesch is a hack and doesn't check for facts - just like she blames others.

    Oh, if it wasn't a broken bone, fracture or separated shoulder as some have claimed, I suppose you wouldn't mention "injuries",right?

  4. Nice work, Adam, and thanks especially for the link to your backgrounder on the rat's maze of contradictory allegations underlying this mess.

    A question about Dana Loesch's comment "and your medical references won't be brought up in court":

    Any idea what she's talking about?

  5. Yes, Dana, Gladney wasn't backed by that filthy Union lucre - just two years of hilariously pitched right-wing publicity.

    No doubt that video footage was intimidated by SEIU thugs before the trial. Attica, Wolverines, & cetera.

  6. Regarding the medical records: Gladney's were never used in the court case. My guess is that this is because they were extremely sketchy; otherwise, why wouldn't the prosecuter use them? If I remember correctly, Gladney initially did not go to the hospital, but then went to a "family doctor" later on, perhaps someone associated with David Brown. So I have a hunch, but don't know for sure, that this medical evidence was extremely suspect. In fact, as was made clear in the trial, Gladney's stories about his "injuries" changed multiple times.

  7. If you check the original police report, previously hyped by BigGov et al, you'll notice the cops did not notice anything that would indicate Gladney was injured. It also states that Gladney told them he'd seek medical attention elsewhere; Elston McCowan, on the other hand, did want to go to the hospital.

    Then, on TV, Gladney was asked specifically about his injuries and attorney David Brown stopped him from answering; Elston McCowan released medical records.