Thursday, July 21, 2011

Breitbart Blogger Trashes Ed Martin In Favor of GOP Establishment Candidate Ann Wagner

On Andrew Breitbart's site Big Government, a new post by Dan Riehl is dissing Email Ed Martin and suggesting that Ann Wagner is a better candidate for the Republicans. Riehl kicks it off by citing this quote from Bungaloo Bill slamming Ed Martin:
He threw his name in the US Senate race. In time, Ed Martin realized he was no match for Sarah Steelman's lackluster campaign. How sad is that! Steelman's last two fundraising quarters has many in the media calling the campaign in real trouble.

So Martin wandered off into another US House race only to have Ann Wagner join the race too. Once again, we see the lack of enthusiasm for Mr. Martin.
Riehl then adds many of his own negative observations about Martin:
In fact, some of what I’ve seen on and from Martin is at least mildly troubling – enough so to raise a red flag, or two....
Ed Martin bailed on a Senate race when the mountain looked too steep to climb. While I have no desire to question his dedication, or commitment, it simply doesn’t speak well for him going into a potentially challenging raise against an experienced, likely well-funded and slick hand like Carnahan...
In addition to those concerns, Martin not only dropped his Senate bid, he did it for a House race in a District in which he doesn’t even live. Unfortunately, that makes him look like someone more interested in calculating his way to the easiest path to Washington, not someone ready for a fight no matter the odds, as he might proclaim.
Visiting his site, I noticed a call by Martin for both he and Wagner to pledge allegiance to Reagan’s so-called 11th Commandment – thou shalt speak no ill of a fellow Republican. Why is that? He doesn’t cite any attack from Wagner, so it comes off as weak, even defensive somehow.
Riehl then goes on to mention Email Ed's ethical problems when he was Chief of Staff for Matt Blunt, and claims that even Gateway Pundit supports Ann Wagner over Martin!

Anyway, Riehl's post reads like a list of talking points from the Wagner campaign, so one has to wonder if Reagan's 11th Commandment hasn't already been breached. But if even Breitbart bloggers including Hoft are supporting Wagner, it looks like Ed Martin's nonstop political campaigning might finally be over in 2012.


  1. Weak stuff from this Blogger, if you ask me. Certainly nothing substantive

  2. I don't think that'll make Dana Loesch too happy, as I bet she's endorsing Ed Martin for MO-02 GOP primary.