Monday, June 13, 2011

Loesch Lies About Climate Change At Koch Brothers Rally

At a rally this weekend organized by astroturf Americans for Prosperity, which just happens to be funded by the Koch brothers, who just happen to own a number of oil refineries and bankroll the leading climate change denial groups in the country, Dana Loesch declared that Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" was not allowed into British schools because it was "fiction:"

Here's the typical fact-free nonsense of Loesch:
And the British high court, told the educational system that they're not allowed to show this film. Why? Because it's fiction. Because it's propaganda. They said there was a number of things wrong with the film...wrong with the facts used to support this theory in the film. Nine of them were super-huge...they had a bunch of other complaints...but they're not allowed to show it in school districts.

Actually, the judge wrote that the film was, "substantially founded upon scientific research and fact" and said that he had "no doubt" that, "Al Gore's presentation of the causes and likely effects of climate change in the film was broadly accurate." The judge did note 9 errors, but allowed the film to be shown in schools as long as it was accompanied by a"guidance note" that presented a contrarian point of view on those nine claims.

Among the claims that the judge said were persuasive and "supported by a vast quantity of research published in peer-reviewed journals worldwide and by the great majority of the world'd climate scientists":

  • (1) global average temperatures have been rising significantly over the past half century and are likely to continue to rise ("climate change");
    (2) climate change is mainly attributable to man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide ("greenhouse gases");
    (3) climate change will, if unchecked, have significant adverse effects on the world and its populations; and
    (4) there are measures which individuals and governments can take which will help to reduce climate change or mitigate its effects."

So, in absolutely no way does this ruling support Loesch's claim that climate change is "fiction" or "junk science." And her claim that the film can't be shown in schools is wrong.

Loesch was, however, able to dispell some rumors about her education by stating that she had, in fact, completed a 9th grade science course and that it provided all of the information she needed to know that the world's leading scientists are all secret socialists plotting to steal money from upstanding citizens like the Koch brothers.

The full video, with even more ridiculous antics, can be found Doug Edelman's vimeo page.

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  1. she was homeschooled for 9th grade