Wednesday, June 22, 2011

State Republican Party Message: Missouri Sucks and Should Be More Like Texas

Last night, Missouri Republicans (including 2nd Congressional District candidate Ann Wagner) cheered as Texas Governor Rick Perry told them that Missouri "can't compete" with Texas because of the state's personal income tax.

In case you thought this is merely polite clapping for a potential presidential candidate, the statements by Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Lloyd Smith make it clear that "Missouri Sucks and Texas Rocks" was the intended message of the evening:
Said state Republican Party executive director Lloyd Smith: "We are excited to hear from Gov. Rick Perry, who, unlike Jay Nixon, has exhibited tremendous leadership during the economic downturn."

Continued Smith: "The results could not be more clear: Rick Perry's Texas is growing and prospering, while Jay Nixon's Missouri is falling behind. Rick Perry is an example of the kind of responsible, conservative, job-creating leadership that Peter Kinder would provide for Missouri."
Before all the state Republicans go out and stock up on Texas A&M gear, they may want to consider that Texas is having it's own massive budget crisis comparable to states like Illinois, New York, and California, and has the largest number (and tied for largest percentage) of people working at or below the federal minimum wage.

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  1. Rick is running into some real opposition to his budget gutting policies in Texas, too.