Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missouri American Water Company Sticking It To Workers

Hotflash at Show Me Progress has the details on how the Missouri American Water Company is needlessly sticking it to their workers:
Missouri American Water Co. is part of a nationwide privately owned utility. The national entity, every time a contract is up for renewal, follows this pattern: demands unreasonable concessions, refuses to budge during negotiations, eventually declares an impasse, and as a result imposes whatever contract it jolly well wants to. In November, MAWC declared an impasse and imposed a contract that hikes employee health premiums by 52%. As in 52 friggin' percent--all while raising out of pocket costs and cutting coverage. Oh, and one more little thing: they're demanding the right to outsource whatever jobs they're not in the mood to pay union wages for.

Other than that, it's a very nice contract.
As Hotflash points out, these attacks on workers come even as the company's 3rd quarter profits were 35% higher last year than the year before, and as they are hiking rates across the country.

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