Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rick Perry Calls For Elimination of State Personal Income Tax

At a fundraiser for Peter Kinder, Texas Governor Rick Perry claims that Missouri is not "as competitive as it should be" because residents pay a personal income tax:

The text:
What that says to me is, the federal government was created by the states to be an agent for the states not the other way around. This man gets it about competition. See there is a reason that Missouri is not as competitive as it should be. Want me to tell you what it is? It's called an "income tax." A personal income tax. You've got one and we don't! You get rid of your personal income tax and then you can come compete with us. I'm serious as a heart attack here.

Because, as we all know, if there's one thing Missouri needs, it's even more cuts to education and vital services.

And by the way, that's 2nd Congressional District Republican candidate Ann Wagner seen on the video clapping for Perry's suggestion.

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