Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is StarChild111 Actually "Jennifer George"? -Updated X 2

Jennifer Preston at the New York Times wrote a fascinating story on Friday documenting that two high school girls who seemed to be at the heart of one of #weinergate's major sub-plots did not actually exist. The IDs they provided were not real, as Preston confirmed by contacting the state and the school they claimed to attend. At this point it's not at all clear what was going on: they might have been trying to set up Weiner, they might have been trying to set up Breitbart and Dana Loesch (because, as Tommy Christopher knew but did not report, one of them claimed that Loesch and Breitbart were trying to get them to tell a story about their interactions with Weiner), or they might be real but simply disguising their actual identities.

Anyway, yesterday, someone tweeted an interesting
link that showed that one of the girls, @starchild111, who throughout #weinergate was thought to be named "Nikki", originally had the name "Jenay."

This prompted me to reexamine some of the search results for @starchild, and it appears that the account @starchild111 is actually associated with the name "Jennifer George" (click the photo for a larger view):

It's not entirely clear what to make of this information...but it certainly seems like something worth investigating.

Update: I've removed a little bit of information that singles out particular individuals (though I should note that I never provided any information that would allow anyone to be directly contacted) because there are reports of people getting angry calls. Obviously this kind of behavior, like the constant pestering from right-wing bloggers of people associated with the story, is not called for.None of the people who regularly read this blog would engage in such idiotic behavior, but I sure hope whoever is doing it stops. Keep in mind that the name might be fake, and that even if it's real there are lots of people named Jennifer George in the world, so approaching any particular individual in an accusatory manner is obnoxious and unacceptable behavior.

Update #2: Lee Stranahan says he was called by a woman claiming to be Jennifer George, who told him that she owned the account in 2009 but then deleted it, and that someone later started a new account with the same name. So far, it is not entirely clear whether that explanation is even possible. Sounds like Twitter does make accounts available after 30 days of deactivation, so this story is possibly true. But that wouldn't explain why the cache from 1/1/11 used the name "Jenay" rather than "Nikki."


  1. hmm.... i find it kind of hard to believe someone would try to take out Weiner in some elaborate plot to get Loesch and Breitbart..

    A: Use a bunch of fake twitter users to set up evidence that L&B were behind a plot to take out weiner, then blame them and somehow they will get in trouble for it?


    B: Use a bunch of fake twitter accounts to set up weiner, then use said accounts to confuse what really happened and provide cover for whoever wanted weiner gone.

    in the end, wiener is out, the toxic twins can claim all day they had nothing to do with it other than reporting it, and all is well in media land.

  2. Excuse me could you please provide a contact number? I am Jennifer George from Los Angeles and I am getting calls now because of your blog. I'd like you to take this down. I have nothing to do with your ridiculous story. I will be calling the police as I am getting threats due to this. What is your number?

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