Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weiner's Interview With MSNBC

Here's the interview from MSNBC with Representative Weiner:

I actually think it's a plausible story. Imagine if you thought it was just a simple prank, then several days later the press starts harrassing you and suggesting that you are having an affair with everyone you follow on Twitter. I can understand his motivations for feeling like he needs to draw a line. And he's absolutely right; the press told him yesterday "if you just answer our questions this will go away," but that is absolutely not true. When he answers the questions, more come up (more on this later). This is not to say that the media shouldn't be asking questions, but I can see why he's frustrated at the process. And, quite honestly, the way the mainstream media has been handling this has been pretty sloppy and irresponsible (with idiotic questions like "why are you following women on Twitter?" when the answer is readily available).

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