Friday, June 10, 2011

Working Families in St. Louis Join Statewide Week of Action

Press Release:

Working men and women bring Forget Me Nots and a message: Start Standing Up for the Middle Class

On Monday, June 13 at 11 am, Workers, community members and religious leaders will speak out at a press conference in St. Louis as part of a statewide week of action to hold elected officials accountable for choosing the interests of CEOs ahead of middle class Missourians. Although both Republicans and Democrats stood up against Wisconsin-style attacks, including SB202, Representatives Fuhr and Haefner took the side of CEOs and corporate special interests against their own constituents.

“Paycheck deception, right to work for less and efforts to cut the minimum wage attack people like me that are just trying to provide for our families.” said retail worker Beth Dysart. “While I’m relieved that these bills didn’t pass last session, we need to make sure our representatives don’t forget us next year.”

Workers like teachers, firefighters and nurses are essential to the well-being of our communities, and it’s time for our leaders to come together to stop the power struggles and create good jobs. For this week of action, workers, community supporters and faith leaders will call upon their elected leaders to quit playing political games with the lives of working and middle class families, reminding politicians like Representatives Fuhr and Haefner to choose their own constituents over the CEOs that helped to create our economic troubles.

From St. Louis to Kansas City, St. Joseph to Springfield, and at the Capitol, workers will send a strong message to their elected officials: “WE are the people of Missouri and it’s time for politicians in our state to start standing up for the middle class.”

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