Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Envisioning Hyde Park

Message from Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice:

The excitement is growing! The children in the Urban Expressions art and photography classes are in the second week of their 5 week program. Andrew Raimist, the photographer working with the students in the Women's Voices "North of Delmar" project, will soon be sending photos such as the one shown here for display on the WV website and Facebook pages.

The wonderful opportunity these children have to be empowered through artistic expression could be extended 2 more weeks with additional funding. And this would mean that we would have even more photos to show the entire St. Louis community what is happening "North of Delmar."

Although Women's Voices is not a fundraising organization, we thought you might like to view the video "Envisioning Hyde Park" and make a contribution to help this project continue through the end of July. Contributions made via this web site must meet or exceed $4,200 by July 7, or your gift will not be processed.

And in September, at our first program in the fall, Andrew and others will come tell us about Urban Expressions, the Rebuild Foundation, and we'll have an opportunity to talk about the "North of Delmar" photos. We have a fascinating year ahead of


Mary Clemons, president

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  1. Thank you Mary for a wonderful introduction to the program. We'll have more student work forthcoming soon !