Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dumbest Bretibart Blogger Attack Ever! (and that's saying something)

Yesterday, I touched a tea party nerve by writing a post about John Burns' ridiculous argument that Wash U students deciding not to pay $19,000 to Bristol Palin for a talk about abstinence was exactly like segregation. In the middle of this discussion, I recieved a mysterious notification on Twitter. Some account calling itself @stlcoffeeparty wrote the following obnoxious comment:

First of all, this quote is despicable. I've heard quite a few people objecting to the university paying Bristol Paln $19,000, but never heard anyone say anything this obnoxious. Second, it's also idiotic since I didn't have anything to do with the student union deciding to uninvite Palin. I never even contacted the university to complain. And third, the quote quite obviously stands in complete opposition to the stated goals of the Coffee Party, which was created with the stated purpose of facilitating more civil discussions. It seems obvious to me that this guy was a fake. In fact, if you look at his Twitter account, he only had one post since March 13 before he mysteriously decided to jump in and implicate me in his despicable comment:

So first of all, the account is a fake, or has been hacked. Second of all, whether or not it was fake, I immediately rejected it. Here's what I wrote right after seeing it:

I followed this with:

Mysteriously, though, the comment by "stlcoffeeparty" was immediately retweeted by @TookieW, also known as Chip Gerdes, a Republican operative from Quincy, IL who had been spending the whole day claiming that I "hated women" because I point out hypocrisy and inconsistencies from Dana Loesch, as well as those from Jim Hoft, John Burns, Bill Hennessy, etc.

Anyone with 1/2 of a brain would see that I had nothing to do with that obnoxious tweet. So, naturally, Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft was all over it:

Obviously, whoever wrote the tweet from the "coffee party" account is despicable, no matter what their politics. However, equally obvious, from my perspective, is that any organized right-wing efforts to use this fake account to attack me would be a pretty compelling demonstration of stupidity and evil.


  1. The 12 year olds were bored on a Saturday. Wait until Tuesday when the snow hits.

    I take it back: there aren't 12 year olds whiny.

  2. Adam you have an uncanny ability to track and report on the activities of your apparent enemies, even when they dress as your allies.

  3. As a local organizer for the Coffee Party in IL I can tell you there is not St. Louis Coffee Party - Desiree Hutton is currently reorganizing that group and we hope to have a meeting soon. We will be contacting twitter about this bogus account. Thanks for the heads up!