Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dana Loesch Compares Gay Marriage to Bestiality

Dana Loesch is one of those conservatives who loves to point out how they are totally friends with people in the LGBT community. But in my opinion, this combined with her behavior since joining Breitbart's site just raises the question: what's worse? Actually being a bigot, or being someone who knows better but nevertheless promotes bigoted ideas in order to further your career?

A day after calling Eric Boehlert George Soros's "butt boy" because he destroyed her ridiculous claims, Loesch wrote a post on gay marriage in which she featured a cartoon of Kanye West kissing a fish:

The cartoon, of course, was from a South Park episode, and the joke there made at least a little sense. But the picture had absolutely nothing to do with Loesch's post about gay marriage. Nothing, that is, except being a reference to the right wing's idiotic claim that "once you allow gay marriage you'll have to allow people to marry their pets."

Furthermore, Loesch's arguments were idiotic, claiming that the RNC candidates' support of the right-wing National Organization for Marriage's (NOM's) position on marriage was a "defense of religious freedom." Perhaps this point would be worth discussing if the question at the RNC debate had been whether the candidates supported forcing churches to marry gay couples. But, as clearly pointed out by Tommy Christopher (the blogger Loesch was attacking), and as could be seen by anyone who watched the debate, that was not the actual question. The question was whether they supported the position of NOM, which is the position that gay marriage should be completely banned. In other words, it is clearly a position that is at odds with religious freedom, because it bars churches from being able to decide for themselves whether they will marry gay couples. Her arguments are, as usual, complete nonsense.

Of course, Loesch should and does know better. However, she's already decided that she'll do anything for fame and money, and that includes throwing friends and allies under the bus when it suits her. What a shame that these are precisely the attributes that make the right-wing media love her.

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  1. Thanks for exposing this horrible waste of radio time. I suggest a boycott of all her shows sponsors.