Monday, January 3, 2011

Ed Martin Back To Desperately Seeking Attention

After Ed Martin resigned in shame as Chief of Staff for then-governor Matt Blunt under a mountain of ethics problems, he engaged in a number of pathetic efforts to keep his name in the media. Now, after being soundly beaten by Congressman Russ Carnahan, Martin is back to pursuing his two favorite hobbies: (1) coming up with excuses to be in front of cameras and (2) whining about voter fraud conspiracy theories. Martin, referring to himself in the third person (he says in the video below that he started the facebook page), claims that he has "agreed" to lead Missourians for Election Integrity, a group extremely concerned about the fact that there was a single instance of voter registration fraud in St. Louis ten years ago.

The other person the page claims has "agreed" to lead the group is Freida Keough, who bizarrely sounded like she didn't even know anything about the group at Ed Martin's Open House last night:

Quite the collaboration there between Freida and Martin. At least he promised to add her to the facebook page.

One last bizarre note: Jane Petry apparently continues to blindly support Ed Martin even after Martin refused to pay her daughter for two months of work:

I guess one word for that would be loyalty?

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