Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ed Martin's Lapdog Media

We don't take kindly to outsiders in these parts. Or, at least, some ridiculous members of our local media don't.

Check out this amazing video, originally uploaded on June 20:

The relevant line from Ed Martin:
I just got forwarded to me this vicious memo that Congressman Carnahan's campaign manager sent out. And a member of the press here in town sent me a message and said "I love it when these East Coast Liberals come to town and run these campaigns and think we're going to fall for it."
Yup, that's right, a member of the local press complained to Ed Martin about outsider East Coast Liberals having the audacity to come to St. Louis to work on Congressional campaigns. Message from St. Louis to the rest of the world: "get back whereya came from ya durn hippies!"

Now, as has been well documented, Jake Wagman was far and away the biggest lapdog to Ed Martin during the campaign, repeatedly sharing false and misleading information about Carnahan that could easily have been fact-checked while refusing to ask Ed Martin difficult questions, a pattern of shameless pandering that continues to this day. But would Wagman really say something as lame as "East Coast Liberals?" It's hard to imagine. But, ironically enough, if it was someone else who used the term, that person actually covered the race far more fairly than Wagman, since Wagman far-and-away provided the most-biased coverage of the race.

Anyway, it's a good video clip to remember the next time some clown complains about the "liberal media."

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  1. The "butt boy" comment she made really irritated me. Such an ignorant remark. She's both a bigot and an opportunist. UGH.