Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loesch On MLK Day: Millions of Tea Partiers Are "Persecuted"

Dana Loesch and the St. Louis tea party think they know the true meaning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day: it's a time to talk about how members of the tea party are the true victims of "persecution." From the Anderson Cooper 360 Review:
Pretty sad that Cornell had to actually ask Anderson to keep her honest. I guess when it comes to these segments, the rest of us have to do his job for him. At least he noted that Palin never ever backs off. I had to laugh at Dana's claim that upwards of a million private citizens were "absolutely persecuted without any evidence because of this tragedy." Persecuted? Really? And she says it on MLK day no less. Good lord.
Here's the full quote from Loesch via the transcript (it's in relation to Palin's use of the term "blood libel":
The true test of an analogy isn't how colorful the language is, but whether or not it's accurate. And, in this case, it was accurately applied. And I -- I think it's just a little bit ironic that people would find offense over the fact that this term was used, and not be offended over the fact that you have hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, private citizens who were absolutely persecuted without any evidence because of this tragedy.
So you're not allowed to be offended by the term blood libel unless you think the tea party is persecuted. In other news, you're also not allowed to condemn anti-semitism unless you're in favor of Israeli settlements in occupied territory:
Loesch: And I find interesting that a lot of people who have -- who have actually been against Israel and who have been against Jewish settlements are suddenly finding themselves sympathetic to the Jews.
I guess that means that 99% of United Nations countries are not allowed to denounce anti-semitism.

Finally, Loesch claimed that "a ton of Jewish organizations" have been defending Palin's use of the term blood libel, but when she was challenged, she couldn't come up with any (since, after all, Alan Dershowitz is not an organization). Naturally, she changes the subject:
BELCHER: Here's -- here's the bottom line. When -- when the -- Jewish organization after Jewish organization comes out and say, this is a -- this is a slur, a -- a racial slur against -- against Jewish people...

LOESCH: And there's been a ton of Jewish organizations that have defended her.

BELCHER: You know what? I'm -- I'm -- I'm going to...


LOESCH: Why do you discount those?

BELCHER: Dana, I don't think there's been a ton of Jewish organizations that have been defending her.

LOESCH: No, no, no. I think that's disingenuous, Cornell. That's disingenuous,

COOPER: Wait. Wait. Not -- not both at the same time.

Cornell, just finish your thought.

LOESCH: No, no, no.

BELCHER: Well -- well, OK, OK. Anderson, you're -- you're keeping everyone honest.

Let's line up the people, the Jewish organizations that have come out and said this is a racial slur, and let's line up the Jewish organizations that say that -- that this is not a racial slur, and let's see where that falls. Let's keep -- let's keep us honest on this.

LOESCH: If it means that much to you, instead of actually focusing attention on those who were shot and focusing on the -- the lack of discussion surrounding the fact that we have...

COOPER: But -- but, Dana, couldn't -- I mean, wouldn't...

BELCHER: No, you can't play that. That's -- that's a -- that's a nice little spin game, but the question...

LOESCH: Oh, wait a minute, so, standard...
If you've got the stomach, you can watch the video here:

By the way, can someone explain to me why Cooper is giving a platform to the woman who employs the people who tried to sexually humiliate his colleague?

h/t to Justin Gibson for a link to the transcript.

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