Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Does Having Dana Loesch As a Guest Damage Anderson Cooper's Credibility?

Eliza, a St. Louis resident who keeps a close eye on Anderson Cooper, recently published her 2010 in review post. In it, she included the following observations:

This listicle topic is almost a continuation of where we just left, and it is perhaps the one that has me most flummoxed. After watching this show seriously up their game when it comes to living up to their mission of keeping people honest, it is beyond disappointing to watch them stain that credibility by continually inviting on Andrew Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch. And I love how they neglect to mention his name when introducing her. I suppose that might make Anderson Cooper look like a bit of a hypocrite.

After all, our anchor didn't speak very highly of Breitbart's brand of "journalism" (which is also favored by Loesch) during the Sherrod debacle. Not to mention Loesch's Breitbart-like penchant for attacking people (my recent favorite is probably when she called Eric Boehlert a "Soros buttboy"--classy!), while our anchor makes calls for civility.

I understand why the show invites her on: she's young, conservative, and attractive. But she's also a bully, has a severe aversion to facts, and is not only a supporter and editor for the discredited Andrew Breitbart, she's also a promoter of the work of James O'Keefe, a man who once attempted to sexually humiliate a former CNNer. This is the guest 360 wants to lend their credibility? Surely there are better individuals in the supposedly vast Tea Party that could provide their perspective. If the show is fully informed of everything I have just posted, I can only assume this is just a game to them, and they do not respect their viewers as much as I would have hoped.
Just to throw in my two cents, Loesch is pretty clearly every bit as dishonest and unethical as Breitbart, and every bit as willing to destroy innocent people for cheap political points: she simply hasn't had the power to do as much damage as he has. But if folks like Cooper keep giving her a platform, she will someday soon.

Anyway, Eliza's whole post is a very thoughtful media critique. You can read it here.


  1. Here is my main issue with them having her on as an "expert" anything on any show: She is not well educated! She didn't finish college, has proven to be only mediocre at "journalism" and "radio", and honestly just doesn't seem to be very smart. I would prefer to get my facts, my news, and form my opinion on things by listening to someone who is well educated and scholarly. Not a shrill, immature joke of a woman. Just sayin'.

  2. If CNN can hire someone like Erick Erickson to be a regular political commentator on the network, I wouldn't put it past them to try and put Loesch under the CNN banner as well. CNN has lost millions of viewers over the years and I've begun to lose respect for Anderson Cooper for his program's frequent usage of Loesch. Watching Loesch trying to debate David Gergen about gun control on 360 last night was ludicrous, but for once, Cooper did not allow Loesch to have the last word, but that's not enough, she should not be on the show to begin with.

  3. The only reason she has her foot in the door is because of her vain attitude and looks. She is as dumb as they come.