Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keith Olbermann Slams Gateway Pundit

Keith Olbermann slammed Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft in his special comment last night no less than four times for Hoft's ridiculous lies last week. Hoft's performance last week was unbelievably pathetic, even for a Breitbart blogger. First, Hoft cited an obviously fake facebook profile to claim that Loughner's heros were President Obama, Che Guevara, and Saul Alinkski. Hoft got his information from an anonymous commentor who misspelled Jared Loughner's name as "Laugher." Hoft ended his post with the triumphant words, "Eat crow leftist hacks." Hoft also disgustingly claimed that President Obama was lying when he said that Gabrielle Giffords had opened her eyes. This was both a shameless and petty attack on the president who had just given a healing speech in Tuscson, and was blatantly false. And finally, even after a week of being caught in the most ridiculous and discrediting lies imaginable, Hoft posted a new shameless attack on the president by claiming that close captioning was actually Applause signs.

You can watch Olberman's verbal takedown of Hoft and other right-wing hacks here:

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