Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Working! Right Wing Playing Defense On Loesch's Anderson Cooper Appearances

Yesterday, I wrote a post suggesting that if Anderson Cooper 360 was going to have Dana Loesch on the show to complain about how unfair it is that anyone would suggest there's something wrong with the tea party's extremist rhetoric, she should also be asked to explain the time that she said "I love the way a fire smells when it's burning tyranny" while her fellow tea partiers torched a photograph of Congressman Russ Carnahan (this was the day before they carried a coffin to his home). In that post, I suggested that people contact the AC360 show to share their concerns. That post was retweeted by at least 22 people on Twitter, and shared by 28 people people on facebook.

Apparently, this is getting the right wing agitated. Today, Meredith Dake, the executive producer of the Stage Right Show (and hence, intimately connected to the Andrew Breitbart Empire of Dirt), called on conservatives to contact AC360 and tell them how much the love Dana Loesch:

As an explanation, Dake said they needed to push back against "Eric Boehlert and the bigoted Left."

Boehlert is a frequent critic of Loesch and other Breitbart sock-puppets, and he had retweeted a call from @newsjunkie365 for people to contact the show with concerns:

Obviously, it's a free country and Cooper's show can have anyone they want on as guests. However, if they are going to boycottshun and shame Breitbart for his disgusting behavior, why would they reward Breitbart's second-in-command toady who engages in all of the same types of unethical activities? If they are going to have Loesch on to talk about extremist rhetoric, why wouldn't they ask her about her own? If they're going to interview her about Shirley Sherrod, shouldn't they at least do the basic research to know that she was one of the primary people attacking Sherrod and carrying Breitbart's water? If they are going to let her pretend to be an expert in journalism, shouldn't they know about the fact that she spread lies about the shooting based only on an anonymous comment on fringe blog Red State?

If you think so, then contact the AC360 show and ask them to start doing a little more research about their guests' backgrounds, and particularly Loesch's background. And no, getting a "career highlights" sheet from their publicist doesn't count.

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