Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Right Wing Bias: If KSDK Tells You It's Raining... might be time to hit the shower. Yesterday, I noticed quite a few people upset online about the obvious right-wing bias of a KSDK panel put together to analyze Obama's State of the Union address. The panel consisted of center-left Missouri Democratic Chair Susan Montee, Obama supporter Kevin O'Malley, straight right-wing GOP operative Ann Wagner, and far right extremist Bill Hennessy of the tea party, along with straight political analyst Dave Robertson. I think it's pretty obvious that two moderate or center-left viewpoints are not really "balanced" with one hard right and one extreme right spokesperson: the scale is tipped to the right. And, at the very least, it is unquestionable that nobody more liberal than the mainstream Democratic party was represented, whereas Hennessy represented a perspective further right than the mainstream GOP. This of course is a regular pattern in the mainstream media, where far-right positions untethered to reality are regularly given air time alongside Republicans and Democrats, but liberal positions are treated as not even worthy of discussion.

I know from the messages I got that quite a few people called KSDK to complain about the lack of representation from a more liberal perspective. And how did KSDK respond? By keeping all of the same people and simply declaring at the beginning of their program that "every part of the political spectrum was covered." I'm not sure if this was intended to be a slap in the face of the people who had asked them to balance their program, or if they really just think their viewers are stupid enough to automatically accept everything they say without thinking about it.

Anyway, the good news is that having Bill Hennessy on did not help the tea party or GOP cause whatsoever. Hennessy rambled on about how Obama secretly hates constitution: anyone who would be moved by that message was already a member of the tea party a long time ago. Also, favorite quote from Hennessy:
In history, most of the problem that has arisen for the people, didn't come from other people, it came from a tyrannical government, or from a government of another country invading.
Because everyone knows that governments aren't made up of people. They're made of Nazi juice and Stalin mustaches, or something.


  1. You're really reaching here. I had Dave Robertson for classes at UMSL. He may not have disclosed on tv last night, but he's a liberal too. He's donated money to State Treasurer Zweifel.

    I'd say 3 D's, no matter their leanings, is a pretty fair match-up against 2 R's.

  2. Yeah local news is a joke. Sometimes I think the stations don't care anymore. They fire all the seasoned journalists and get some kid who graduated from Mizzou last summer. KSDK's new spin, more video! That's how they position their website. "We know words, reasoning and facts are cumbersome--so here's some video from YouTube of a cute kid singing!"

  3. That said, Hennessey's comment was pretty hilarious. He was disappointed Obama didn't address something he said ten years ago regarding the Constitution. C'mon Bill, get over it already.

  4. KSDK was a right wing organization before the SOTU. I watch KMOV...