Thursday, January 13, 2011

EPA Sues Ameren For Alleged Emissions Law Violations: Ed Martin Blames "Big Government"

The EPA has filed a 26-page lawsuit against Ameren UE, claiming that Ameren performed modifications without the necessary permits and failed to install the pollution controls required by law. From the Post-Dispatch:
According to the EPA, Ameren made modifications at the plant from September 2001 to February 2002 without necessary permits and failed to install best available pollution control technology.

Those changes, the agency says, 'significantly increased" emissions of sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, two pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act.

While Jefferson County meets national air-quality standards for sulfur dioxide, the county is currently designated as a "nonattainment" area for particulate matter, meaning it doesn't meet standards.

The lawsuit says Ameren didn't disclose the changes at Rush Island to the EPA or the state.

"On the contrary, Ameren filed annual statements with Missouri and the U.S. EPA that certified compliance with the Clean Air Act," the lawsuit says.
The EPA didn't discover the changes until an investigation in 2008.

Ed Martin, of course, decided not to bother waiting for any more information to come out. He's already decided that this is an example of "Big Government run amok:"

Yeah, who needs stupid things like laws and courts? We can just have Ed Martin tell whether things are legal based on his 0.02 seconds of reflection.


  1. Ed Martin doesn't know anything about anything. When I worked for DNR back in the day I was furious at the way they would bend over backward to allow these polluters to keep on polluting. Some supervisors would even discourage the inspectors from complaining about violations. There are only so many warnings and chances to correct the issue that a company should get. Most likely EPA got sick of waiting for DNR to do something and took action.

    And now Renee Bungart is refusing to comment other than saying DNR will 'monitor developments.' Yeah, sure they will, they'll monitor to make sure they have time to cover their ass when they have to explain to EPA why they fell down on the job.

  2. Thanks for this information. I really don't know what is in the minds of the Americans who don't care whether we protect our environment for future generations or not. It seems to me that if they have kids and grandkids, they'd want to ensure that they would have an opportunity to live in as pristine an environment as possible.

  3. Geez, you're so mean, Adam. I bet Ed gave it at least .4 seconds of reflection.

  4. Well, if Missouri and UE don't watch it the task of overseeing power plants in MO could be turned over to the EPA (if I'm not mistaken), if MO shows that it can't or won't do the job.

  5. To Ed Martin: Have pity on us EmailEd and Ameren!!! CoughWheezeCough - in Festus, Missouri