Monday, February 7, 2011

Ed Martin Files Amended Statement And Still Gets It Wrong on His Big Oil Donations

FiredUp has all the gory details of Ed Martin finally getting around to finishing up his embarrassingly bad attempt at the simple act of filing a campaign finance report. Martin had originally reported having $175,514 cash on hand, then said it was more like $40,000, and now he admits he only has $25,317. There are other strange discrepancies as well.

I looked through the itemized donations, and noticed that he got $4,000 from Conoco Phillips Spirit PAC.

Actually, it looks like he still managed to get his report wrong, since the aggregate donations from those two donations of $2,000 should of course be $4,000. This fits nicely with the $5,000 he received from Exxon throughout the campaign. But remember how huffy he gets if anyone suggests that he's a Big Oil candidate?

Martin also received a $2,000 donation from insurance company WellPoint, to make it $3,000 for the campaign.

There's no indication that Martin ever paid his former communications director for her past work. I guess Martin is standing by his retroactive decision that those would be "volunteer hours."

So, in summary, when I look for a Senator, I know I sure want someone who's a willing tool of Big Oil and Big Insurance companies who can't manage to pay his employees and somehow continuously messes up basic disclosure forms even when under increased scrutiny, don't you?

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