Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dana Loesch Fails At The Google

Apparently the drive for conservatives-pretending-to-be-civil-rights-leaders to say "Where's Al Sharpton?" on their latest feigned outrage is so overwhelming that they can't even be bothered to actually, you know, see whether Al Sharpton has said anything on the subject. Dana Loesch tweeted this last night:

If Loesch had bothered to google "Al Sharpton" and "Kelley Williams-Bolar", she would have found that all of the top results mentioned that Shaprton has met with Williams-Bolar, is planning a rally with her, and is leading an effort to raise money for her legal fees. Loesch, of course, has not met with Williams-Bolar, is not planning a rally with her, and is not raising money for her legal fees, but I'm sure she'll resume her amazing civil rights career just as soon as she gets done tweeting about leggings.

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