Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dana Loesch Supports Mubarek Regime As Anderson Cooper Beaten By Mubarek Thugs

The Boston Herald reported that Anderson Cooper and other journalists were beaten by pro-Mubarek thugs in Egypt today:
Journalists covering protests in Cairo, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper and two Associated Press correspondents, have been roughed up in the crowd.

Cooper says he and his crew were attacked by supporters of President Hosni Mubarek on Wednesday. CNN later said no one was seriously hurt.
You can watch a video where Cooper reports his crew being attacked here.

Meanwhile Loesch joins her fellow St. Louis tea party leaders Bill Hennessy and Jim Hoft in being supporters of the oppressive Mubarek regime. Loesch claims that there's a choice only between two options: the Mubarek regime or the Muslim Brotherhood, which must be a terrorist radical Islamic group because it has the word "Muslim" in its name. And even if the Muslim Brotherhood said they would support moderate pro-democracy politician Mohamed ElBaradei, ElBaradei must actually be secretly radical because they support him. From her facebook page:

And more:

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  1. This proves that Loesch is a certified loon.

  2. I really don't understand Loesch's fear of a possible "extreme theocracy" in Egypt, since the GOP/TeaPs are perfectly comfortable pushing the agenda of an extreme Christian theocracy in the United States. Religious fundamentalism of any brand has no place in any secular government.