Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Worry: Ed Martin Says He's Only Incompetent At Filing Financial Reports for the House

Political observers were rather worried about Ed Martin's complete inability to accurately file routine financial reports for runs at office:
Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Ed Martin's revised campaign-finance filing for his defunct congressional campaign has prompted new questions about his initial faulty report, which listed more than $50,000 in post-election contributions that actually were made prior to the election.
But don't worry, says Martin, that was only for his run for Congress, and doesn't have anything to do with his senate race:
In any case, Martin underscored that the report and the errant contribution dates dealt with his congressional campaign -- not his new bid for the U.S. Senate. A separate Senate campaign committee and bank account are being set up, he said.
I'm really glad he underscored that because...well...OK, actually I have no idea why he underscored that. It still seems just as pathetic and doesn't do anything to get him off the hook for remarkable incompetence. His excuse is "the standard defection of campaign workers after Nov. 2." But if that were a good excuse, shouldn't we have seen roughly 435 X 2 FEC reports that were just as disastrous as his?

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