Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loesch Contradicts Herself in Six Minutes

Of course, this is nothing compared to the average 4.7 contradictions per minute of her radio show, but it's still a pretty funny example. Loesch, as always, is angry at Media Matters for America Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert, presumably because he retweeted this post about Loesch's failure to do basic research. So first she accuses him of "using a mother for politics:"

It's not at all clear why Loesch claims Boehlert is using Kelley Williams-Bolar for politics: I don't think he's even written about the subject and certainly hasn't made any statements like, "it's Glenn Beck's politics that are responsible for her situation." But the really funny part is Loesch's very next tweet:

Yup, it's Eric Boehlert's political views (or rather, what Dana Loesch imagines are Boehlert's political views) that are entirely responsible for Kelley Williams-Bolar being convicted for allegedly lying to get her children into a better school district (I write "allegedly" because the case is complicated, and I agree with most others that her punishment was way too harsh for the suspected crime). Given that Boehlert's particular political views have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of this case, and considering that solutions to education problems in general and the Williams-Bolar case in particular are complicated, there could not be a more textbook example of "using someone for politics" than Loesch's statement.

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