Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dana Loesch and Billy Long Pimp Already-Debunked Pimp Smear Against Planned Parenthood

The site Big Journalism, with editor in chief Dana Loesch, today published a (yawn) "shocking" expose of highly edited tapes that they claim shows Planned Parenthood supporting sex trafficking. Loesch has been pushing the story from her site via Twitter:

The story is oh-so-juicy-and-exciting, except for the minor fact that it was already debunked over a week ago! Planned Parenthood was not "covering up for sex trafficking," considering that they reported the incident to law enforcement officials long ago! Media Matters had the scoop almost immediately, since this stunt could be seen from a mile away.

It was nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Breitbart network to regaining relevance after they have already been thoroughly discredited. Just one more reason why Anderson Cooper and any other self-respecting journalist should not give Dana Loesch a platform to spread her deliberate misinformation.

But that didn't stop Congressman Billy Long from retweeting this nonsense:

There is virtually NO HOPE of having meaningful political debate while conservatives allow this kind of garbage to fester in the Republican party.


  1. These people are starting to make Matt Drudge look relevant and non-partisan.

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